Mental Health Initiative

Mental Health

Mental health is key to well-being. We are not truly healthy without it. Merit’s Mental Health Strategy puts mental health front and centre for our members, their employees, and their families. Together with our partners at LifeWorks, we will have available to our members a tool of resources to help you navigate mental health issues in the workplace and at home.


Merit Mental Health First Aid Kit

Like other industries, we can do more to normalize the conversation around mental health. Merit is committed to helping you and your team through these challenging times with all aspects of your health, including mental health. The Merit Mental Health First Aid Kit comes in two versions: one for work, one for home.

The kit includes a series of cards that can be accessed anytime help is needed. The kit houses tips to encourage open conversations as well as cards to help with different situations, outlining how best to manage in the moment and provides connections to professional support.

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Learning About Mental Health

This virtual seminar is intended to teach participants how to recognize the signs of declining mental well-being, have that tough conversation and arrange for help. You will develop risk management skills and learn how to promote mental well-being to improve the overall health and safety of your workplace.

June 22, 2021 6:30 p.m.(MDT)

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This self-paced e-learning course will help leaders increase their awareness of the impact of mental health issues on individuals and the workplace.

You will explore a six-phase model of best practices for managing mental health in the workplace, namely prevention, early intervention, immediate intervention, recovery, absence, and return to work.

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The Building Blocks program is designed to help employees expand their awareness of mental health so they can maintain their own mental health and offer a bridge to support for co-workers experiencing a mental disorder or temporary mental health problem.

This gamified program contains six short, engaging, interactive modules lasting from 10 to 15 minutes each. They include short quizzes and games to evaluate your knowledge of mental health. But don’t worry; your scores won’t be tracked so you can examine and expand your knowledge in a fun way. The modules, which can be taken in any order, can be completed on a computer or via a mobile device.

Module 1 – What is good Mental Health

Module 2 – Myths and Realities of Mental Disorders

Module 3 – Reducing Stigma

Module 4 – Exploring Emotional Intelligence

Module 5 – Resiliency and Stress Management

Module 6 – Assisting Others and Asking For Help

Merit has partnered with Queen’s University and LifeWorks to bring members this unique offering. Participants will explore the ever-expanding business case for a mentally healthy workplace. This includes an improved understanding of relevant legal, ethical, and business concerns. The program also supports the development of empathetic and solution-focused leadership skills, which can be transferred to a variety of professional settings and situations.

The next session is scheduled for September 14 and 16, 2021 – 8:30 a.m.  – Noon (MDT)

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LifeWorks is an exclusive benefit plan member offering that provides convenient access to online resources and tools including a wealth of well-being content.

CareNow is an online set of programs designed to help users get the care they need in the busy digital-centric world we live in. CareNow programs provide specialized self-help resources developed by LifeWorks internal subject matter experts.

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The Total Wellbeing Assessment helps you better understand your current state of health within the four pillars of total well-being (financial, mental, physical, and social) and offers opportunities for you to improve your health.

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LifeWorks offers a wide variety of well-being toolkits to help you navigate life.

In these toolkits, you will find resources and guidance on how to navigate a multitude of subjects including family, health, life, money and work.

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During times of crisis, we need up-to-the minute information to ensure our safety and the safety of others. However, constantly watching television, checking social media and scanning newsfeeds can have a serious impact on our mental health and our ability to cope.

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Our Mental Health Partners

As a member of Merit, LifeWorks is available to you and your family in the palm of your hand 24/7, 365 days a year.

The team at LifeWorks is available to help you and your family with supports for mental health, financial, nutritional and overall well-being inquiries.


We’re a proud supporter of Buddy Up, a suicide prevention campaign for men by men, encouraging men to have real conversations and support their buddies when they’re struggling.

The Buddy Up campaign officially launches in June. Watch for more details to come and get ready to engage and join us on this amazing initiative. Learn what you can do to step up and offer your support to a friend.




We are proud to announce Merit’s Mental Health Strategy.

This program will keep mental health at the forefront for Merit members, their employees, and families.

We have made available to our members resources to assist in navigating mental health issues in the workplace and at home.